Our Vision

Our vision is to be the default supplier of LED lights to the global marine industry, including shipping, ports, shipbuilding, shiprepair, navigation and any other associated areas

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the market with low, middle and high level innovation; driven by our understanding of the technology, market needs and by importing / adapting / transplanting solutions from other industries into our marketplace. We will be a nimble organisation and be sensitive to our clients’ and stakeholders’ needs – all the while ensuring that the impact of our activities on the environment is the lowest and is totally sustainable


SEL follows a unique business model that enables us to offer the best terms to our customers. We have developed an ecosystem of high quality manufacturers in China and India. Each manufacturer passes through a stringent vetting system and we choose only the best. We customise all our products for use in various roles in the broad marine industry. Bilateral agreements with our manufacturing partners ensure that supplies are readily available. We dictate all the quality parameters. For this, we take the industry best practices and, utilising our considerable marine industry experience, enhance them. All production occurs in controlled and sterile facilities. Each end every light built is tested for up to 72 hours. Tests include vibration tests, stress tests, accelerated aging tests, on/off tests, corrosion tests and many others as felt necessary.

SEL carries out its product research in India. For this, we utilise the services of a network of design and test laboratories across the country.

SEL is perhaps the only organisation globally to focus exclusively on LED lights for the marine industry. This places us right at the cutting edge of the lighting technology for the marine industry. With in-house and exclusively outsourced research and development, we endeavor to maintain this pre-eminent position in the marine lighting segment.


Umesh Kerur
Executive Director
Cell: +91 70224 74583 Mail: uk@senergyHK.com
Sagar Tanksali
Executive Director
Cell: +91 94835 32427 Mail: st@senergyHK.com