Seraphic Energy Limited (SEL) came into being in 2014.

In 2014, the marine/offshore industry was taking baby steps towards equipping its assets with solid-state lighting. Clearly the procurement staff - already burdened with more urgent (if not important) procurement tasks, did not have the bandwidth to explore a new lighting technology. In this scenario, SEL saw an opportunity to take on the role of a knowledge repository for onboard LED lightings.

Quality has been the main focus of SEL's offerings to the industry. SEL's offerings - whether a $ 5 bulb or a $ 3,000 search-light - come with the best components that are available in the market. The lights are designed with the user in mind. Aware that life on-board can be unforgiving, SEL strives to reduce the burden of regular luminaire replacement on the crew. Since running across to the street corner electrical shop is not an option, SEL engineers its lights to be extra tough.

Safety is another very important consideration for SEL. All SEL's offerings come with CE, RoHS certificates. Further, for use in hazardous areas, SEL offers appropriately certified products.